Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Freeform Dreadlocks Herbs To Pick For Freeform Dreadlock Rinse

Hello Everyone.  So today on my darkmoondoll youtube channel I posted my show called Freeform Dreadlock Talk.  I host this show on Wednesday for those out there that are new to freeform dreadlocks and want to start your journey ask me your questions and I could work it into my future shows. 

On today's show I discussed how to pick out the right herbs for your freeform dreadlocks rinse.  I emphasize how important it is to keep things simple.  Rosemary is my number one herb when it comes to keeping my locks healthy.  My main hair rinse consists of rosemary,spearmint and sage.  When I can get up to the river I find stinging nettles and horsetail.  I also talk about how important it is to not only nourish your hair on the outside but to make sure that you are putting enough nutrient dense foods into your body as well.

I hope you all find this bit of information helpful and feel free to leave questions at my email address which is

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Hello Everyone out there in cyber world that is reading this post right now.  And for all of you that have been following this blog on my dreadlock journey thus far I apologize for not being more consistent with my posts.  I have been making videos for my show Freeform Dreadlock Talk on a consistent basis so I felt it fair to write more often in this blog to keep you all up to date.

I have been loving having my Freeform Dreadlocks and my dreads are 18 yrs old now. It is fascinating to me how much I have grown since I first started this journey .  I have still had negative energy thrown my way yet as the years go by I have become more confident in who I am and what my purpose is here on earth.  So those negative vibes don't trigger anger and hurt as much as in the past.

On today's Freeform Dreadlock Talk show I discussed how I feel about people claiming to be inspired by Bob Marley yet they go and get their dreadlocks maintained at a salon.

I think that there is a misunderstanding of what Bob Marley was about.  I don't believe that he would encourage people to do anything unnatural to there heads to go against Mother Nature/Mother Earth.

Just remember everyone this is my perspective based on my personal experiences and my own personal observations of how people behave and think

Here are my Freeform Dreadlocks at the present moment and the show.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hello Everyone! Today I recorded my show that I do every Wednesday called Freeform Dreadlock Talk. I basically like to share my personal experience with you all from having my Freeform Dreadlocks for 18yrs now.

Today I talked about the importance of incorporating more fresh fruits and vegetables into your daily eating routine.  I don't like to use the word diet. I once read a book that said that if you break down the word diet it is di- et. Like you die when you eat. May sound silly but that has been stuck in my brain ever since I read it. From my own personal experience I have found that the more fruits and vegetables I eat the better my dreadlocks look and feel.  These foods feed and nourish your Freeform Dreadlocks from the inside out.

So all of the products that people buy to supposedly make their dreadlocks healthy can be damaging them instead.  I think that it is important to first and foremost get your nutrition for your hair from the inside. Sure you can do tons of herbal rinses on your Freeform Dreadlocks with healing and nourishing herbs but if what most of what you put into your body is processed food the herbal rinses are a waste of time.

Like I mentioned in my show today the only meat that I am eating currently is fish.  I also do use dairy and eggs when I cook and bake.  I am learning to use the eggs and dairy in moderation.

I like to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and I cook and prepare meals for my family and myself every night.  It is a nice feeling to know exactly what is going into my food instead depending on restaurants to provide me with the proper nourishment.

Not only does the foods that you put into your body affect the health of your hair, so can stress.  If you do not find the time to go outside and enjoy nature and breathe in natural air outside of air conditioning and unnatural heating your body ,mind,and soul can get totally depleted of energy.  When you leak energy your body performs at a less than desirable way.

So here are my suggestion for all of those out there wanting to improve the health of your dreadlocks:

1. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables everyday.
2. Drink fresh water all day.
3. Spend time in the sun
4. Sit with your back against a tree with your feet bare on Mother Earth
5. Go for walks and move your body to get circulation to your brain promoting healthy hair follicles.
6. Herbal Rinses instead of oils and conditioners.
7 Let your Freeform Dreadlocks style themselves

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Freeform Dreadlocks Talk Can You Dye Your Dreadlocks Healthily With Commercial Dye

Hello Everyone! Thank you for stopping by to read today's blog.  I just posted a video for today's show called Freeform Dreadlock Talk.  A subscriber asked me if I think your can dye your dreadlocks healthily with commercial dye.  In this video below I explain  why I didn't work for me and why I decided to just stick to herbal rinses.  And how I have embraced my natural hair color.  This is merely my own personal experience watch and listen and decide for yourself.

Love To You All


Freefrom Dreadlocks Anniversary 18 yrs

Hello Everyone!  Thank you for taking time out from your busy day or evening to read today's blogspot.  I don't recall the exact day in July that I started my Freeform Dreadlocks Journey but I know it occurred in July of the year 1998. 

What have I learned as another year is added on to my Dreadlock Journey?  I have learned that everyone has their own journey in life to walk upon and that it may not be anywhere similar to what you are experiencing.  And if that is the case respect their choices.  I still receive a lot of stares and dirty looks but when this occurs I look at the person.  Consider the source of their disgust.  To those people I am like an alien from another planet with three eyes and six arms.  Some live a conservative life full of restrictions.  So I prohibit myself to be around  negative people that insist on telling me how to present myself to the world.

Once you love yourself anything anyone tells you that does not match with your knowing of who you are will be mindless chatter in the background of your world.  This is your world and make it how you want it so that you can truly be you!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Immaturity Game Over

Hello Everyone,
If you are looking for a place to sit back and relax and be yourself you have reached the right destination here.  We are all on a journey.  We all have our own path to walk.  And the kindred spirits will remind you of why you are here
in the first place.

Today I want to talk to you all about how I learned an important lesson from an incident that took place in a Post Office about a year ago.  I was waiting in line to deliver one of the dolls that I sold on my shop when suddenly I suspected someone starring at me.  I turned in the direction that I felt the negative energy and I saw a causian couple whispering to each other and laughing as they looked at me.

I talked to my intuition.  I asked if I should go over to these people and ask the why they are laughing at me.  My intuition guided me to smile at them and pretend not to be affected by their crude and oh so rude behavior.  There attention was no longer on me when I decided not to engage in their game.

Many people create games that they want you to join in on.  Me going over to the couple and yelling at them would put me inside of their game.  Once I would be inside their game I would continue to allow them to feed off of whatever negative feelings I throw out at them.  This was a big,  I mean huge lesson I learned in all of the years of having dreadlocks upon my head.

The Immaturity Game is played by those who are triggered by past events that still haunt them.  For example, someone can bring up a nickname that you were given as a child that has traumatizing events that go with it.  So later on in life when you are called this name you are in the immaturity game caused by a trigger .

Feel free to express who you are and do not play the Immaturity Game.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Freeform Dreadlocks And Acceptance

A lot of people when they decide to let there hair dread they will look to others on how there own hair should look just as if they were  wearing a new hairstyle. For me it is a journey into discovering who I am. Because no two heads  full of dreads are alike.  Even if you both have the supposed  same ancestry there will be variations in texture.  Lifestyle has  a lot   to  do with it as well. What things you put on your  head.  The list goes on.  Not everyone decides to let there hair dread for mystical,religious,or  spiritual reasons.  Some like to have them as fashion. 

After having dreadlocks for little over 17 yrs I have learned through personal experience that my locks are a part of who I am.  Each lock contains energy.  I worked at an  health food store back in 1999 where one of my coworkers who had dreadlocks told me"You locks are your antennae."  After he said that I came home from working and just as I was stepping outside to go to my backyard I felt an electrical charge hit one of my  dreadlocks.  For all of the debunkers out there it  was not stormy night with lots of lightning striking. It was a normal clear night. 

It seems the longer my dreadlocks get the more attention they  draw.  I don't have perfectly manicured salon locks so people around here get confused. I have long dreads,short dreads,medium length dreads and little tiny baby dreads.  My head is working it all out on  her own and does not need assistance via manipulation and tight hair style causing  extreme damage.

Through the years I have learned to not try and have a goal of having my dreadlocks look like anyone but me.  That is the inner journey that I embarked upon from the moment I decided to surrender to nature and let that energy flow. 

My Dreadlock  journey is not for everyone. I do feel like it is a calling to some degree.  I realized that all of those years of manipulation of my hair to achieve acceptance from peers,family members,and supposed friends was a test.  What did I learn.  I learned that chemicals on scalp can affect the way you see the world.
I learned that   wearing your  hair really tightly on your scalp can suppress and torture your sense of well being.  And I learned to stay away from commercial products.

Some of these companies that are saying that they are African American Hair Care Products are putting petroleum in their hair creams and oils.   And a lot these African American Hair Care Product companies are not run by African Americans.

I have also learned that a lot of people in this world  are trapped in the notion that they can have long  dreadlocks instantly .  Well you can  if you go off and get some dreadlock extensions. If you are called to let your hair lock naturally without any manipulation you will know.  You will,like I had,a resistance to combs,brushes,picks etc.  I went through  stages. And everyone does in her or his own way.

I began to realize through this journey how sensitive I am.  And that I an empath.  I changed the way I  eat and what I eat.  I meditate more and spend more time in nature. I start to see my life's path more clearly and learn how to listen more clearing.  The clear message I receive today in this moment is that in order to get in touch with your higher self you require time to your self away from tvs,radios,cell phones, computers,bossy relatives  etc...
I go outside everyday and bathe in the sunshine,listen to the birds chirping, watch the squirrels do their par cor adventures and connect with what is real.

Warm Regards,
Trina  Sandress