Thursday, September 18, 2014

This year marks 17yrs of having dreadlocks upon my head.  I still love them dearly and feel more and more free everyday. It is who I am .  I have dealt with continued negativity yet I carry on.  Those people who are quick to judge are those who have never stepped a foot in my shoes ever and they never will.

When I started this journey I felt a weight was lifted. That the time had finally come to where I am on the path to knowing who I am and where I came from.  It such a deep journey.  Most may say why is it so deep.  And to answer their question I would have to say that each time that I look in the mirror from the day that I embarked upon this journey of having dreads on my head til now I have been faced with pure honesty and truth.

I was born with this hair coming out of my scalp. It grows naturally without any manipulation. Surrendering and letting go was the key for me. Knowing that Mother Nature knows what is best. Looking to people who know nothing about you or your hair for advice will get you no where.  I learned to find what is right for me through trial and error and not relying on commercialism to make my decisions for me.

So you see it is very deep.  My dreadlocks have also inspired my art creations.  I have been making hand sculpted dreadlock beads from polymer clay.  My true love and passion has been creating Hand Embroidered Fabric Beads.  Which I have on sale on my etsy shop.  A lot of them I made especially for dreadlocks.  Here is some photographs of some of these creations.a

I hope you all are enjoying the remains of Summer 2014 .  And let your world be filled with love and joy. Warm Regards, Trina Sandress

You find these creations and more at my etsy shop Thank you