Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Apology From The Heart

Hello all my beautiful friends.  I wanted to share with you today some videos I have recently created in order to offer up an apology for a beautiful soul that I hurt,made confused,angry,and distrustful of me as a person.  I wanted things to be the way my perceptions thought things should be and I was wrong.  Because in the process of wanting a situation a certain I lost a very important genuine authentic being in my world.

I still care about this person and really wish the best for the caring and loving soul and hope that one day this person can forgive me.  I go into much more detail in my videos. So I hope you enjoy it and learn a lesson or two as I have.  I know that this is a very important lesson this special one has taught me and I would be foolish not to learn anything from our experience.

I know that when I stop learning from what life presents before me I will be stuck in fear and regret.
Life is,to me,about taking chances,letting others make their own decisions on their life's path,and giving people respect and having empathy for what others are going through. I thought that I was doing the right thing but I pushed my wishes and desires of what I could see the situation to be and that was totally and completely wrong.

Who am I to say what someone should or could do within their own individual life path?  I am truly grateful to have met this beautiful soul and I am eternally grateful for meeting this person.  Such bright illuminated soul should be allowed respect and room to be their authentic self.

I realized that I was being controlling.  I wanting things my way or no way at all.  That is not the way to go for me in order to be a better person I am going to learn from this lesson and meditate for forgiveness.

This person was nothing but supportive of my life's choices and appreciated me to the fullest. I became hurt,confused,frustrated,angry,and sad.  A change occured and I could not handle it at the time.  I began to process things in a distorted manner.  I usually take time out to access the situation before just spouting off hurtful words.  And then I sent mixed messages that caused a whole new perception to that awesome person I hurt so deeply of who I am as a person.

I thought about how hurt this person must feel.  And I have been thinking about it day by day.  It makes me cry and feel disgusted with how I treated this person. This bright soul was always nothing but respectful of my life and supportive of whatever decisions I made within my life.

I have many more lessons to learn I am sure.  The important thing for me to do is to really truly listen,hear and feel what is going on and not to get trapped into thinking that I can change and manipulate someone else's life path to suit my needs.

To that special person, if you are listening, please,please forgive me. If you ever want to contact me again and be friends I am open.  I will be honest,open,and always supportive in whatever decisions you make in your life and listen to you with an open heart. I wish you and your family peace,harmony,and abundance!  Brightest Blessings always and forever, Trina :)