Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Be Your Natural self

My message for today is to let go and be simple. Get your ass outside and love mother nature. And then your freeform locks will grow tenfold!!!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Dreadlocks Hat New

My super awesome buddy M. Cody Shelton of . Made me a new hat for my birthday and I took a few photos of me wearing it. I love her awesome knitting and crocheting abilities. She has inspired me to practice. Not there yet. But you all should check out her site!!!

My Fat Dreadlock Buns Or Bantu Knots

I took three -four dreadlocks and then twist them til the end once I get to the end I wrap it around and then tuck it in. It is truly hard to explain. So when I finally get a video camera I can explain better. But by looking at it you can see it clearly. Here is a photo. If you leave it in all day and sit in the hot sun or use a hair dryer set on low you can take it down and have some curly dreads. I couldn't keep mine in that long because I don't like my dreads up all the time. Just thought I would do something different from wearing them in two ponytails when its so hot or when doing chores or painting.