Monday, July 9, 2012

Freeform Dreadlocks 15yr. Anniversary

Today I celebrate  my 15yr. journey living with freeform dreads upon my head. I still feel as connected them as last year.  It is a life long journey that know will never end. It is my connection to mother nature and all that is natural and free.
I still get the rude comments and crazy stares but it doesn't affect me the way it did in the beginning of my journey.  I know that these people that judge have a lot of  hatred towards themselves and instead of work on the self they find distractions .

This natural path started with my hair and has,over the years,carried over into my health as well. I eat 95% raw fruit in my diet and I have noticed remarkable changes in the health of my body,hair skin,and nails and peace of mind. The rest of my diet consists of raw greens,small amounts of cooked rice and potatoes. 

I am not suggesting that anyone try this lifestyle but it has helped me with a lot of digested problems ie. GERD(gastroesophogeal reflux disease,lack of energy,and more focus.

Thank for those who stop by and I hope you love yourself for who are no matter what! :)