Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Flat Dreadlocks And Accepting What is

Today on my show Freeform Dreadlock talk I answer a viewer's question about how they can keep the dreadlocks in the back of their head from not becoming flat.  I basically answered the question based on what I have come to define Freeform Dreadlocks as being.  I have said this many times on my show but I don't mind repeating it.  To me Freeform Dreadlocks are formed freely.  My freeform dreadlocks are forming naturally at their own rate and in their own way.  That is what makes each person who has freeform dreadlocks different.  Our locks show our own individual personality.  

I suggest that those who are embarking upon the freeform dreadlock journey to spend more time out within Mother Earth and to really tap into why you are really here on Earth in the first place.  Is your purpose to communicate solely through an artificial existence or are you here to live by example.  Are you here on planet Earth to attract the most friends, to be popular?  Or are you here for a much more spiritual reason.  I asked myself these questions in the beginning of my Freeform Dreadlock journey.  Mother Earth helped me to put things into perspective.

Many times people are influenced by what their friends and family think is best.  Is this a life that you want to live?  This life of conforming to what everyone else is doing is a life with no free will in my opinion.  You can live your life this way, but are you happy?  Do you feel uncomfortable with fitting into an impossible image of what your friends and family want you to be.

I was very vulnerable to friends and family in the beginning of my journey.  But as time went by I found myself wanting to be out in nature more, putting healthier foods and drinks in my body and tuning into my true life's purpose.  My true life's purpose does not involve following the herd.

Thank you all for stopping by to read my blog here.  I like to share what I learn on this journey.  Because to me having Freeform Dreadlocks for 19 yrs has helped me to see that I am not a soul who enjoys conformity.

Brightest Blessings,


Friday, August 26, 2016

Freeform Dreadlock Talk Show Coming Back Soon

Hello Everyone,

If you have been following on social media and through my blogs you will know that I have been without a sufficiently working camera.  That is why I have not been making any shows lately for Freeform Dreadlock Talk.  There have been some questions coming in and I just want you all to know that I have been listening and if I don't answer them right away I will get to them as soon as I can.

I was gifted a camera by a dear sweet friend who had an extra camera that she no longer needed.  All I have to do is get a usb cord so that I  can upload video and photos.

Thank you all for your patience.

I shall return soon.

Brightest Blessings To You Alll

Trina.  A.K.A. Darkmoon Doll



Saturday, June 25, 2016

Husbands and Dreadlocks

I was asked how I felt about a husband telling her wife to go to a salon to get dreadlocks instead of letting her hair freeform. I gave my honest and upfront view point on the matter.  This is your life and I don't feel as though people should rely on others to decide what their outer appearance should look like just because the two of you are married. I don't believe in the whole two halves make a whole when it comes to love relationships.  I believe that it is important to respect each others differences.  This woman is not doing anything damaging to herself or to anyone else by deciding to let her hair dread on its own.

Some people believe that they should conform to whatever their spouse says to do.  Why would anyone want to live this way? It just seems that people feel the need to control how you look, how you think, what you eat, who you choose to be friends with...  Too much control going on in this world over people that just want to express naturally how they are without being judged.

Not too many people would agree with my viewpoint.  That is just fine with me. It takes many individuals to make up this world.  We are not all the same.

I think that it is time that people tap into their intuition and meditate on things alone to get to the true purpose of why they are here.  I don't believe you should have to compromise how you look naturally just to make your spouse comfortable.  If you are wanting to let your hair naturally to freeform why should you consult with your husband about this.  Does he own you?  What kind of world is it when you have people dictate your life to you?

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Fabric Dreadlock Bead Sizing And Polymer Clay Dreadlock Beads Coming Soon

Hello Everyone,
So I c
reated a video today based on a subscriber's question about sizing dreadlocks to fit dreadlock beads.  The fabric dreadlock beads that I create are formed around a pencil, a sharpie pen, and now I am experimenting with you a huge empty  thread spool.  Compare the size of your own dreadlock to either one of these object and you will know what size dreadlock bead would fit.

I also discuss how I have decided to make polymer clay dreadlock beads again.  I stopped making them to sale on my shop because I only sold I think about 2 or 3.  So because a subscriber requested I have ordered more clay.  It is not that I don't like making them.  I love making them it is just that for awhile I wasn't able to afford to buy some polymer clay because of some financial problems.  That is when I discovered fabric beads.  The thread is reasonably cheap and they are so durable if you  embroider them heavily.

Here are some photos of the fabric dreadlock beads I have recently finished and that I have posted on my etsy shop.  Thank you all for you love and support

Brightest Blessings, Darkmoon Doll

Sunday, January 10, 2016

So today ladies and gentleman I want to talk about judgements in regards to my Freeform Dreadlocks.  Here what I have to report for today on how I feel that people relate to me or don't relate to me.
Last night I went to my local grocery store and my antennae a.k.a. freeform dreadlocks were tingling in a bad way yet I have found if I stay focused in my mission that I can flow through the negative looks and the rude behavior. 

The longer that I walk through this world with my freeform dreadlocks hanging from my head I feel more immune to the negative comments and snickers and also not to mention the not so subtle insults.

For instance there  is this woman that works at one the grocery stores that I go to always look uncomfortable talking to me when my freeform dreadlocks are not pulled up.  Because it does really seem that people respond differently when my hair is down in its lion's mane state.  But when it is pulled up in a relaxed bun people get more friendly.  Weird, so weird!  What would people do if they came in contact with a being from another planet with 4 eyes?

So anyway here are some photos so you can tell me if you see any difference in me a soul on the planet earth.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

So I have been a busy little bee creating really cool fabric dreadlock beads.  I know how frustrating it can be to find dreadlock beads that are one of a kind and that are fancy enough for special occasions .  I don't like to fuss too much with my dreadlocks but I do really enjoy adorning them.  Some people like to dye their dreadlocks bright colors I prefer to wear beads.

On my etsy shop I have posted a variety of beads that I created and here they are. Thank you so much for all of your love and support.