Thursday, April 16, 2015

Immaturity Game Over

Hello Everyone,
If you are looking for a place to sit back and relax and be yourself you have reached the right destination here.  We are all on a journey.  We all have our own path to walk.  And the kindred spirits will remind you of why you are here
in the first place.

Today I want to talk to you all about how I learned an important lesson from an incident that took place in a Post Office about a year ago.  I was waiting in line to deliver one of the dolls that I sold on my shop when suddenly I suspected someone starring at me.  I turned in the direction that I felt the negative energy and I saw a causian couple whispering to each other and laughing as they looked at me.

I talked to my intuition.  I asked if I should go over to these people and ask the why they are laughing at me.  My intuition guided me to smile at them and pretend not to be affected by their crude and oh so rude behavior.  There attention was no longer on me when I decided not to engage in their game.

Many people create games that they want you to join in on.  Me going over to the couple and yelling at them would put me inside of their game.  Once I would be inside their game I would continue to allow them to feed off of whatever negative feelings I throw out at them.  This was a big,  I mean huge lesson I learned in all of the years of having dreadlocks upon my head.

The Immaturity Game is played by those who are triggered by past events that still haunt them.  For example, someone can bring up a nickname that you were given as a child that has traumatizing events that go with it.  So later on in life when you are called this name you are in the immaturity game caused by a trigger .

Feel free to express who you are and do not play the Immaturity Game.