Monday, December 22, 2014

Hello all of you beautiful Freeform Dreadlockers!  I have been making dreadlock beads again. I like to wear them because it gives my crown a bit of art love . Here is a few of the dreadlock beads I have on sale on my etsy shop.    They are made of polymer clay that I sculpt by hand.  I seal them with mod podge to make them water resistant.

And when you become obsessed with having hair all the way down to your feet you don't get a chance to be in the moment of how you are in the present and not the future. Trying to run away from how you look now because you want to look like someone with longer dreadlocks will drive you insane.  Educate yourself about your own hair.  When I say educate yourself I mean really look and feel what your hair is all about by giving your body internally the nutrients it needs to be healthy inside and and out.  I notice that if I don't eat enough fresh fruit and vegetables my hair and skin suffer.  It is my body's way of telling me what I need to do to keep myself healthy.  Your body is always talking to you.  You don't have to be afraid to listen.

Don't listen to  those who think they know all about you and your dreadlocks.  No one knows you better than you.  Number 2 important thing I learned about having dreadlocks upon my head for all of these years is that your dreadlocks will never turn out how you expect them to when you are letting them grow without separation,manipulation . They will come out uniquely shaped to fit your personality.  So I give my dreadlocks love.  If I am working with paint or sealant I put my dreadlocks up in a loose fitting hat or in a loose bun so that I don't get them dirty. I listen to clues of how and what I can do to care for them.

Through listening to my locks I listen to my mind,body and soul.  I am not a slave to what society tries to make me into. 

Connecting with the heart is where it started for me.  When I started meditating whenever I didn't like how I looked on the outside I began to silence the chatter of negativity and tune into my inner wisdom which I know everyone has if they take the time to be alone preferably in nature to commune and connect  with mother nature and all that is loving and  caring to the heart and soul.

Have respect for yourself and stick up for yourself when you have been mistreated and wronged.  I was laughed at while shopping in my local grocery store.  I heard this man and this woman chanting "Nappy head, nappy head,nappy head.  They were looking at me and smiling and laughing.  I went up to them and said"I love my hair.  This is me."  They tried to play it off as if it was a joke.  I by no means believe that it was innocent play.  It's not innocent when you make fun of someone just because they look different than you.

Be you ,love and respect yourself and don't let anyone tell you what you should or should not be.