Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Freeform Dreadlocks Herbs To Pick For Freeform Dreadlock Rinse

Hello Everyone.  So today on my darkmoondoll youtube channel I posted my show called Freeform Dreadlock Talk.  I host this show on Wednesday for those out there that are new to freeform dreadlocks and want to start your journey ask me your questions and I could work it into my future shows. 

On today's show I discussed how to pick out the right herbs for your freeform dreadlocks rinse.  I emphasize how important it is to keep things simple.  Rosemary is my number one herb when it comes to keeping my locks healthy.  My main hair rinse consists of rosemary,spearmint and sage.  When I can get up to the river I find stinging nettles and horsetail.  I also talk about how important it is to not only nourish your hair on the outside but to make sure that you are putting enough nutrient dense foods into your body as well.

I hope you all find this bit of information helpful and feel free to leave questions at my email address which is

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