Monday, May 9, 2011

So Here Is The Beginning of the Dread For Me

I am going to keep it short. I started my dread process in July 1998.

In the beginning my hair was very short. I cut my hair to remove all of the abuse caused from relaxers and braided extensions.

Then I had let them start to grow in and got rid of my comb.

As my dreadlets began to form I loved them but was made fun of as they went through their beautiful transformation. I was called Medusa once and took it hard. So I bought some dreadwax thinking that would solve the so called problem of unrulyness and I only used a bit of it.

Unfortunately it stayed in my head til this year. That's almost 14 yrs. I purchased some Dread Wax Removal shampoo and after the 2nd wash my dread are renewed. There is still a bit of wax in left but I know that after the 3rd wash it will all be gone completely.

Anyone reading this and is thinking about using dread wax no matter what stage of the dreading process you are in I highly recommend not using dread wax. It gets stuck in your dreads and traps water in there. And it truly haults the dreading process.

Luckily I found the Or I would not have my locks still. I would have probably cut them out and started all over again. The cover all the basics in dreadlocks and the main vibe is to just go natural. You should definitely check out this site no matter what stage you are in.

It truly helps to have a good foundation!!

I have found that the easiest way to take care of my locks( and it may work for you) is just to keep them clean. I use a baking soda,tea tree oil and water w ash. I let it sit for 10 min and then rinse with cold water. Then I follow it up with a vinegar,tea tree oil, and cold water rinse. I leave this on for 3 min and then rinse with cold water. And that's it. And just watch them grow. I do this every three days. I have found that washing my dreads at least twice a week has made them stronger and healthier. In between washing I have been using jojoba oil based peppermint/rosemary oil that I made myself with using fresh peppermint and rosemary from my garden. I had to let the oil set in a cool dark place within a dark glass bottle for about a month. I think the next time I make the oil I will let it sit for a month and a half for the herbs to sit and get a bit more potent.

Well this is all I will share for tonight! I have a busy schedule and will try and make sure that I write an entry to update on my dreadie journey!

I love my locks and I hope you love yours too!