Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hello Everyone! Today I recorded my show that I do every Wednesday called Freeform Dreadlock Talk. I basically like to share my personal experience with you all from having my Freeform Dreadlocks for 18yrs now.

Today I talked about the importance of incorporating more fresh fruits and vegetables into your daily eating routine.  I don't like to use the word diet. I once read a book that said that if you break down the word diet it is di- et. Like you die when you eat. May sound silly but that has been stuck in my brain ever since I read it. From my own personal experience I have found that the more fruits and vegetables I eat the better my dreadlocks look and feel.  These foods feed and nourish your Freeform Dreadlocks from the inside out.

So all of the products that people buy to supposedly make their dreadlocks healthy can be damaging them instead.  I think that it is important to first and foremost get your nutrition for your hair from the inside. Sure you can do tons of herbal rinses on your Freeform Dreadlocks with healing and nourishing herbs but if what most of what you put into your body is processed food the herbal rinses are a waste of time.

Like I mentioned in my show today the only meat that I am eating currently is fish.  I also do use dairy and eggs when I cook and bake.  I am learning to use the eggs and dairy in moderation.

I like to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and I cook and prepare meals for my family and myself every night.  It is a nice feeling to know exactly what is going into my food instead depending on restaurants to provide me with the proper nourishment.

Not only does the foods that you put into your body affect the health of your hair, so can stress.  If you do not find the time to go outside and enjoy nature and breathe in natural air outside of air conditioning and unnatural heating your body ,mind,and soul can get totally depleted of energy.  When you leak energy your body performs at a less than desirable way.

So here are my suggestion for all of those out there wanting to improve the health of your dreadlocks:

1. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables everyday.
2. Drink fresh water all day.
3. Spend time in the sun
4. Sit with your back against a tree with your feet bare on Mother Earth
5. Go for walks and move your body to get circulation to your brain promoting healthy hair follicles.
6. Herbal Rinses instead of oils and conditioners.
7 Let your Freeform Dreadlocks style themselves

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Freeform Dreadlocks Talk Can You Dye Your Dreadlocks Healthily With Commercial Dye

Hello Everyone! Thank you for stopping by to read today's blog.  I just posted a video for today's show called Freeform Dreadlock Talk.  A subscriber asked me if I think your can dye your dreadlocks healthily with commercial dye.  In this video below I explain  why I didn't work for me and why I decided to just stick to herbal rinses.  And how I have embraced my natural hair color.  This is merely my own personal experience watch and listen and decide for yourself.

Love To You All


Freefrom Dreadlocks Anniversary 18 yrs

Hello Everyone!  Thank you for taking time out from your busy day or evening to read today's blogspot.  I don't recall the exact day in July that I started my Freeform Dreadlocks Journey but I know it occurred in July of the year 1998. 

What have I learned as another year is added on to my Dreadlock Journey?  I have learned that everyone has their own journey in life to walk upon and that it may not be anywhere similar to what you are experiencing.  And if that is the case respect their choices.  I still receive a lot of stares and dirty looks but when this occurs I look at the person.  Consider the source of their disgust.  To those people I am like an alien from another planet with three eyes and six arms.  Some live a conservative life full of restrictions.  So I prohibit myself to be around  negative people that insist on telling me how to present myself to the world.

Once you love yourself anything anyone tells you that does not match with your knowing of who you are will be mindless chatter in the background of your world.  This is your world and make it how you want it so that you can truly be you!