Sunday, January 10, 2016

So today ladies and gentleman I want to talk about judgements in regards to my Freeform Dreadlocks.  Here what I have to report for today on how I feel that people relate to me or don't relate to me.
Last night I went to my local grocery store and my antennae a.k.a. freeform dreadlocks were tingling in a bad way yet I have found if I stay focused in my mission that I can flow through the negative looks and the rude behavior. 

The longer that I walk through this world with my freeform dreadlocks hanging from my head I feel more immune to the negative comments and snickers and also not to mention the not so subtle insults.

For instance there  is this woman that works at one the grocery stores that I go to always look uncomfortable talking to me when my freeform dreadlocks are not pulled up.  Because it does really seem that people respond differently when my hair is down in its lion's mane state.  But when it is pulled up in a relaxed bun people get more friendly.  Weird, so weird!  What would people do if they came in contact with a being from another planet with 4 eyes?

So anyway here are some photos so you can tell me if you see any difference in me a soul on the planet earth.

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