Saturday, June 25, 2016

Husbands and Dreadlocks

I was asked how I felt about a husband telling her wife to go to a salon to get dreadlocks instead of letting her hair freeform. I gave my honest and upfront view point on the matter.  This is your life and I don't feel as though people should rely on others to decide what their outer appearance should look like just because the two of you are married. I don't believe in the whole two halves make a whole when it comes to love relationships.  I believe that it is important to respect each others differences.  This woman is not doing anything damaging to herself or to anyone else by deciding to let her hair dread on its own.

Some people believe that they should conform to whatever their spouse says to do.  Why would anyone want to live this way? It just seems that people feel the need to control how you look, how you think, what you eat, who you choose to be friends with...  Too much control going on in this world over people that just want to express naturally how they are without being judged.

Not too many people would agree with my viewpoint.  That is just fine with me. It takes many individuals to make up this world.  We are not all the same.

I think that it is time that people tap into their intuition and meditate on things alone to get to the true purpose of why they are here.  I don't believe you should have to compromise how you look naturally just to make your spouse comfortable.  If you are wanting to let your hair naturally to freeform why should you consult with your husband about this.  Does he own you?  What kind of world is it when you have people dictate your life to you?

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