Sunday, July 10, 2011

FreeForm Dreadlocks Inspiring Photos and Videos

Hello all,
I just wanted to mention a couple of freeformers that are very inspiring to me. And I will try and upload a video or two and mention a blog so that you can see that it helps to see other freeformers on a journey similar to your own.
The first one is cupidvalentino1 and he is on youtube. He has a lot of good information in his videos that go far beyond just freeform locks. So please take the time to visit his videos on youtube. I don't want to say much more because I want you to judge for yourself.
Okay for some reason blogger won't let me imbed one his videos in my blog so please just go and visit his youtube.
Another awesome freeformer is on youtube and he goes by the name of hatsdontfit. And he also has a blog and is on tumblr. His tumblr name is Gorilla Loves Hummingbird.
Those two men are awesome examples of freeform dreads in action. It just shows you that everyone dreads will look different.
I think that setting out to have your dreads look like someone else's is not very intelligent. Be you and no one else!
Peace be with you all


  1. I check out cupidvalentino1's videos very informative. Thank you for the info.

  2. No problem. His videos are awesome!